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Inspiring Minds. Engaging Hearts. Building Character.

We offer an excellent Christian education adapted to the individual child and support by caring, certified teachers and support staff.  By surrounding your child with loving, professional support, your child will gain confidence and develop a desire for learning.  A desire to learn will equip your child to face and solve life’s challenges and enjoy the beauty of life.

We are a JK to Grade 8 school in Drayton, Ontario, serving families just like yours.


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It is important to tell our story to help you understand our school.

Understanding our roots helps to highlight the incredible changes that occurred over our 65-year history. It tells the remarkable story of God’s faithfulness and highlights the commitment of multiple generations. The story below was taken from the 4oth Anniversary book. The theme for the anniversary was “Celebrating God’s Faithfulness.” The story was written by Ruth Van Zwol based on her conversation with Henry and Grace Duimering.
Mr. Duimering remembers talking to Henry Zantingh about two years before the school opened in September of 1956. Mr. Duimering and Mr. Zantingh felt that the education that their children were receiving in the public school was not what they wanted for their children. They felt there should be more of a Christian focus on their children’s education. They called a meeting of interested parents and thus the Society for Christian Education in Drayton and Vicinity, our legal name, was formed. The original membership fee was $1.50 per month.

The Challenge of Christian Education

From the beginning, meeting the financial obligations of a Christian school in Ontario was difficult. While the budget above seems small when looked at with today’s eyes, meeting those financial obligations was a sacrifice for many of the families. These families were starting over in a new land. Along with the school, they were building new businesses and new churches. We stand in awe of the vision of those first families that gathered together around a shared vision.

The First Finance Statement

The first budget of Community Christian School, then known as Calvin Christian School, reflects its beginnings. The school was started by immigrants from the Netherlands. Many of these first families suffered through WWII and came to Canada with little in their pockets. Yet, they had big visions. With the little they had, they started a school. They recognized the importance of education for their children and they had a desire that their children were shaped by a Christian worldview. The early documents of the school are in the Dutch language reflecting the language used in their homes and churches.

Community Christian School New Building 1958


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Community Christian School Student

Inspiring Minds

Do you remember when your child asking you a multitude of "why" questions?  In those questions, you saw the power of child-like wonder.  Your child was amazed by what they were observing around them and needed to dig deeper to understand.  Our vision is that your child will never lose that wonder.  Our passionate teachers will inspire your child to dig deeper.  In the process, your child will develop the habits to be a lifelong learner and to live a life filled with discovery.

Engaging Hearts

In a school and in the Christian life, it is easy to focus on the mind where only the right answers matter.  However, Jesus teaches us that a life without action is like a dead fruit tree.  It has lost its purpose.  Community Christian School connects the head with the heart of your child.  Your child will have opportunities to put Christian teachings into concrete actions.  For example, each year our senior students rake leaves for area seniors and our junior students deliver cookies to local businesses and services at Christmas to say thanks for the work they do in our community.  Learning is more than knowing it is also doing.

Building Character

Character counts.   A person of strong, ethical character is noticed and respected.

It is inevitable that in life your child will face conflict, disappointment, challenges, delays, dilemmas, and the unexpected.  In those challenging times, you want your child's character to be deeply rooted in a set of values that will help him/her flourish and stand strong.

Building character is not easy.  It takes years of practice, of choosing the difficult over the easy.  Community Christian School partners with you to reinforce the values you have in your home.

At Community Christian School our character skills are rooted in Biblical values such as honesty, integrity, patience, kindness, self-control, faithfulness, peace, and joy.

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Investing in the Life of Your Child.