1. Eligibility

Your family will be welcomed at our school.  Our school is open to any family that wants their child(ren) to experience education built on the foundations of faith, love, and service.

For a student to be eligible for admission, the parent/guardian must:

  1. Agree to support the school’s mission and vision;
  2. The school and home reach mutual agreement about the nurturing of the child by the parents to abide by Community Christian School’s Statement Of Faith and Principle Educational Guidelines, known as schedule A of the general operating bylaw #3.
  3. Provide adequate information from the previous school attended;
  4. Agree to the proposed placement and programs by the school;
  5. Have an enrollment form completed in full; and
  6. Agree to financially support the school through tuition and fund-raising efforts.

For a student to be eligible for admission, that student must:

  1. be evaluated by the administrator, and resource and/or classroom teacher (if necessary);
  2. be able to benefit from the school’s program;
  3. be of suitable age for the grade assigned; and
  4. participate in/support the school program, curriculum, and Christian activities.
  5. Be able to meet the requirements of the student code of conduct (suspensions or expulsions for serious misbehaviour may be an indicator that the student does not meet this requirement)

For a student to be eligible for admission, that school must have the capacity to:

  1. Meet the student’s needs (spiritually, socially, emotionally, physically, and academically)
  2. Financially assist (if requested and funds are available)
  3. Follow its own class size guidelines and have facility capacity.
  4. The administrator may admit students for a probationary period not to exceed 60 days.

We are a non-denominational school and church attendance is not a condition of enrollment.

2. Process

The student admission process is completed when the following items have been achieved:

  1. Completion of enrolment forms
  2. A meeting between the principal and parents/guardians
  3. Student screening either through interviews/testing or review of previous report cards.
  4. Payment of tuition fees

3. Document Review

The following documents are available for your review before completing the admissions process.  Click on the document to download.

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4. Question

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