Grade 1/2 Writers #2

Our vision is for your child to:
• Live Biblically.
• Comprehend God-given identity and
• Develop Christian character.
• Experience grace.
• Build communities of belonging.
• Transform lives through service,
leadership, and innovation.
• Radiate enthusiasm for life and learning.
• Grow in knowledge and skills.
• Create beautiful, excellent work.

Language is important. In the picture, you see some Grade 1/2 students working on their candy stories. As they work through the process, they take on various roles from authors to publishers. The use of these terms is intentional. It connects learning to real life tasks. Each role is a profession and as students take on one of the roles, they begin to learn the skills and knowledge of that profession. This is also done to promote beautiful, excellent work. The authors also did a book tour. Several have come to my office to read their book to me. This is done to celebrate their work.