Child on Slide

Cognitive Flexibility is…
Our ability to adapt or adjust our strategies when we face new and unexpected conditions in the environment. When we develop cognitive flexibility, we are better able to cope with change and new information.

Resilience is…
Our ability to become strong, healthy, or successful again after something bad happens. It is our ability to adjust or recover from change and difficulty. Resilience doesn’t mean we never feel sad, frustrated, angry or afraid – expressing all of our feelings in a healthy way is a good way to build resilience.
The above two definition of important life skills come from the Umbrella Project. The purpose of the Umbrella Project is to equip students with tools and skills to deal with the inevitable challenges of life.

This morning as I spoke with students during our morning greeting time, I could hear the students articulate these skills in their own words. I asked them to compare the online learning experience now with the time in January and basically asked how they are adapting this time. Many students stated it was easier this time or about the same. When exploring why it was easier, the students said that they knew what to expect; they knew the routines, and felt they had the support they needed. This is cognitive flexibility and resilience in action. It is a sign that our students are coping and healthy. More importantly, it also means they have a strong support network. The support network includes parents, grandparents, family, friends, and teachers. These are blessings that not every person experiences. Continue to pray for the health of our students, especially their mental health, their resilience, and their cognitive flexibility.